There’s a lot going on these days!

It’s an understatement to say that our family is busy these days! Sometimes we feel like we are in a 3 ring circus!

We have the regular every day things like managing kids school schedules and extra curricular activities, but also so many other things going on too.

It’s amazing how many different things we have to think about when planning a cross country move. There are the usual things with moving like setting up utilities in your new place and shutting them off in your old place, but also getting quotes from moving companies and then actually hiring one to do the job, getting rid of ALL the extra things that we’ve accumulated over the years and that make no sense to move across the country when you are paying $10/lb, and doing your final rounds of good-byes and visits. There is a lot to do.

But we have a few extra things thrown into our regular April & May, even without the move across Canada!

BC Children’s Hospital: H has been on a wait list since the fall, for a program at BC Children’s Hospital. And we’ve been hoping and praying that we would get a space for him before the end of May. We were committed to extending our stay if we needed to. The program is a 4 week in-patient program, which provides multi-disciplinary assessment and support of children, youth and their families who are dealing with mental health and/or psychiatric issues. We found out a few weeks ago that H’s space is available April 11-May 12, which is perfect for us. We are very thankful that the program was able to rush his application and provide us with this opportunity before we leave. So next Tuesday, we will be driving to BCCH on a daily basis and taking H to this program. I don’t know much about how this will roll out for us, but I do know that it adds another layer to our daily complications!

Other Assessments: At the same time, we have been going through additional assessments and diagnoses protocols for H through private clinics. We get the results of these assessments at the end of April and are waiting with bated breath until then! These are important to do as they will inform future education placements for H.

Trips and plans: Momma T is heading out on the trip of a lifetime with her good friend A. This trip has been in the works for a year so there is no doubt in our minds that it is still happening, but timing isn’t ideal at this point! Momma T is heading to Spain to walk part of El Camino de Santiago. (  This walk is partly a pilgrimage and professional development for her faith formation and to support her work as a minister with the United Church. It is really important that she have this opportunity and truly, the time to herself. She really needs this because she gives so much to our family and to others. She is gone April 22-May 10, which overlaps perfectly with H’s program at BCCH.

Box Lacrosse: And this is Box Lacrosse season. Both T&H play box lacrosse every year. For T it is the sport that drives him. He loves this sport and, if the weather is good, you will find him outside practising using an empty net with targets, or he’ll get H out there in goalie gear and practice taking shots on him which is great practice for them both. Last year, T & H were on separate teams, which meant a lot of juggling and running around all over the lower mainland. After much discussion and looking at our schedule with BCCH, we made the decision that H would not play this year. We are all making sacrifices so that H can do the program at BCCH and this is HIS sacrifice. It just isn’t his year for this one sport. This will allow me to focus my extra curricular energy on getting T to/from his lacrosse events. Which will be a job in and of itself given that I’m single parenting for much of that time and will have a toddler with a pretty strict bedtime routine to handle too!

Education: Trying to juggle the kids current extra curriculars, school schedules, pro d days, field trips… this is HARD work! We are also trying to wrap up this school year a month early with all the associated IEP meetings, conferences, etc. And then setting up the kids for next year with appropriate placements and supports in the Ottawa Carleton School Board. Thankfully we’ve made a great connection there and it looks like there is excellent understanding and supports that will be made available.

Moving: Did I mention we are moving? Well we have a cross Canada trip to plan in here too! While Momma T and Miss D are flying, T&H and me are driving & camping. I haven’t done a bit of work on booking campsites or figuring out our route, and I must get on that! Suggestions are welcome!

So yes, there is a lot going on. So forgive me if I don’t get back to you immediately or if I’m not calling everyone up to set up separate coffee ‘good-bye’ meetings… I am sad to be leaving and I’d love to see every last one of you, but frankly, we are overwhelmed and have a hard time keeping our heads above the water these days! We are planning to have an Open House before we leave but at this point no idea when! Stay tuned!!!


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